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How to Clone a Hard Drive

Let’s say that you want to keep your files safe or maybe you want to perform a boot, you can actually do so by coming up with a clone of the original drive. Windows shift to the cloned drive is possible.

Your clone should be a replica of the original drive, in all the aspects so that when you want to boot, it is possible.

Some versions offer a full package including supplementing cloned drives. These include IDrive and Acronis. They also offer cloning guides on how you are able to affect the exact features.

Below we list some of the best ways to clone a hard drive especially after playing an online casino game at casino en ligne.

Schedule Your Clone

Scheduling a clone is all about the regularisation of images. This is done so as to initiate a backup system to your drive. Many pages should be utilized so as to enable a good procession, casino france.

 All this can be saved momentarily after the procession. When it is saved, you can locate it as an XML file which is a safe and effective way of storing files.

Choose Clone Destination

Selection of the cloning destination is important because this is where you can locate the cloned drive. Take note, data will not be erased from the original drive but they will be extended in their entirety.

The whole process is simple and direct, you can delete or copy the old data if you wish to do so. There is an option labeled “Delete Existing Partitions”. By selecting this option, all the files will be deleted.

If you discover that your drive is too big, you select the partition properties which break the drive into two parts. These two parts contain the various files found in the original drive. The two partitions should be placed carefully in the new disk and make sure that the disk has compatible Windows.

 How To Start The Cloning Process

Make sure that you have a Macrium Reflect. Open Macrium Reflect and in your sight, there will be a detailed outline of available disks which appear to be connected to the computer.

There are two options on the frame. The first one will read ” Direct clone to another disk” while another one will read “Create an image disk”. When you have selected the option, you rest assured of the possible boot of the cloned drive.

Cloning in image style allows you to store a lot of copies at the same time. It also allows you to contain backups by storing one-to-one copies.

Finalize Your Drive Clone

When all is set and done, replace your Mac’s internal drive with a fresh one. You can swap the town and initiate booting on the swapped disks, visit casino en ligne for more.