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Quick Tips to Fix Your Bad Photos

Digital Photography has gathered momentum over the years. Photos are taken every minute that passes through the day. With photos taken incessantly, they are also sent incessantly. 

It’s not all of us have a good eye for photography and there are some bad photographs out there that defy the basics of photography. If you were not aware, there are some tips that can actually make a bad photo exceptional.

It can resemble good quality as if it has never been bad before. You just have to follow the basic guidelines and steps to come up with a good photo at the end of the day.

After finishing a good run on an online casino game, you can actually go out and take good pictures with your camera.

Below we have amassed some tips that you can follow to enable a quick fix of a bad photo.

Get Basic Composition Down

When we talk of photography, we mean composition. What does your photo compose? What are the basic colors that are depicted by your piece of photography? In terms of composition, we expect that the picture follows the lines of the rule of thirds that is dividing the picture frame into a total of nine small frames.

With that being done, try to place to main focus or the subject to the on the points of power or what some would like to call intersections.

Rule of thirds enriches vibrancy and vividness. The picture or photo is bad when the main focus is placed on the dead center. There should be a difference in positioning between the background, supporting, and the main subject.  Many smartphone cameras have this option.

Adjust Exposure Compensation

The exposure element of the camera is executed when you are shooting in a manual mode. Exposure is all about lighting. When you are shooting, make sure that you get the lighting perspective of the scene and surroundings. If it’s an interior shot, a different exposure element is expected. When you are shooting outside, make sure that you put particular attention to exposure. The icon for exposure is shown by a +/- icon.

Choose the Right Mode

When you are about to shoot, make sure that you determine the mode, between the automatic and the manual mode. If your shots ate supposed to be fast, make sure that you place your camera settings on shutter priority “S”.  It enables the speed of the photoshoot.

You can actually take a clear picture of a hummingbird flying. Settings can be placed on 1/125 seconds to determine the speed of the picture to be taken.

This option also determines the blur and the freeze motion.